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Paying Too Much For Cable?

Sick of paying $50, $75, or over $100 for cable TV? Tired of being locked in with cheap rates for the first 12 months, only to see your rates double? Don't you hate to look at your bill to see fee after fee being added? Are your tired of paying extra for sports packages, and PPV events? Do you pay extra for HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime?  Well not anymore! It's time to cut the cord, and be free of that astronomical cable bill once and for all. Welcome to ToddTV.
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Over 500 HD Channels

News - Movies - Sports - PPV


ToddTV is an Internet based TV service that works through directline/wifi or mobile internet connections. We don't carry the burden of high equipment or advertising costs like traditional cable providers, so we pass those savings on to our customers.

Once you pay for your subscription your allowed to use the service on 3 devices, could be your TV, phones, tablets, or a computer. You will be emailed 3 unique codes that you will enter into the app on each device within 24 hours of purchase. Once set up, you continue to watch TV just like you would any other cable TV provider.

Key differences from traditional TV service:
* Minimalistic, extremely easy-to-use interface
* Mobile-Friendliness, no need to pay extra to use your tv service on the go.
* 1/4 The Cost of traditional cable TV providers.
* Fully Loaded: HBO, Cinemeax,Showtime, MLB, NFL, NHL, and PPV events included.

ToddTV does not work through traditional cable boxes. You will be able to cancel your cable TV service and return the boxes you have been RENTING from the cable company. You will need to have some type of streaming device on each TV you would like to run ToddTV on. i.e Firestick, Android Box, Nvidia Shield, Android cell phones and tablets, and many others.


We are available 24 hours a day through email.

Request a FREE 3 day trial, Put in the message body "Request Free Trial" or the trial may not be activated.
Please allow up to 24 hours
for free trial to be activated.



New York, NY


Email:             Phone: 1-732- 930-0105